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Open trailer towing
06-17-2021, 15:24 (This post was last modified: 06-17-2021 15:24 by Arcticdude.)
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Open trailer towing
I've got a specialty vehicle that I think I'd like to use as my toad on some occasions. It's not something that's flat towable, nor would I want to make it so. Those of you that use an open trailer, how dirty does stuff on the trailer get when you tow it? Does stuff take a lot of abuse from road debris? My normal toad does get some abuse from debris getting kicked up by the coach, but since I drive it a lot of the time as a daily driver it's gets beat up some anyway.

John Mace
06 450LXi bigger bird
living in the wild hinterlands of the north
free to roam without the man getting me down
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06-17-2021, 20:47
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RE: Open trailer towing
John, I towed my Edsel on an open trailer and really didn't find it real dirty, but we didn't have nasty weather to go thru.
If you think anything will happen get a shield or tool box that will go across the front.

Steve Gureasko
90 WBSA "Jus Chillin"
Ponchatoula, La.
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06-26-2021, 01:00 (This post was last modified: 06-26-2021 01:03 by mbulriss.)
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RE: Open trailer towing

I towed with an open trailer. It wasn’t too bad unless you were running through rain. You’d get a light patina of dust if it was dry.

I upgraded that trailer to an aluminum bed Chaparral with a large parts box across the front with tire rack on top and wing walls behind it. The car stayed clean. BTW, that trailer is available for sale.

Subsequent to that, I upgraded to a 24’ Performax enclosed trailer. The contents are safe from all weather and from thieves, so no worries about leaving stuff in the vehicle. That trailer is also available for sale right now. I have even had the Hummer in it.

Currently we use a stacker for all the toys. I think a key problem with any trailer is finding parks you can get into a pull through without having to unhook the trailer and park it in an overflow area. Because of that most of our travels involve dry camping in truck rest areas, on occasion a truck stop, and mainly race tracks. But dry camping is definitely not a problem with a Bird.

Good luck - and if you need a trailer …..

Mike Bulriss
2001 LXi 43' DS Millennium Edition
San Antonio, TX
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