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Please Do Not Reply To Spam
03-11-2013, 03:21
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Please Do Not Reply To Spam
You know, we don't get many spam messages here on the WanderlodgeForum. Well
actually, we do, but most of them never get through. Every now and then one
slips through.

Whether a spam message gets through or not, the sender gets a reply to let them
know that their account has been hijacked and that they need to take corrective
action - usually by just changing their email password. That member account
then gets moderated. It is not necessary for other members to respond to the
forum for spam messages.

As most users know, a lot of spam is from innocent people that click on
attachments or links that they should not open, and then their email account
gets infected and the virus/spam is forwarded by stealing their email account.

The very best way to help eliminate spam is to ignore it - just delete it. The
best way to help keep it going is for recipients to blast out a reply to all
people copied on the message, thereby increasing the chance for the virus to
replicate itself by being opened accidentally.

Ignore obvious spam messages please. If you feel that you MUST respond, send a
private email to the original email address sender and let them know they were
hijacked. Remember, if it hits this forum, they already were notified.

Please do not respond to spam or to this message.


Mike Bulriss
1991 WB40 "Texas Minivan
San Antonio, TX
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