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WL-gurus: awesome as mailing list?
02-13-2013, 09:53
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WL-gurus: awesome as mailing list?
Seeing the new content and members here on wanderlodgegurus is sweet! So please don't take this as a gripe, I am w-a-y excited by what I've seen already Tongue

I would like to suggest that the bulletin board be echoed as a mailing list. I can understand why members would prefer a bulletin board interface for discussions, not the least of which is the absence of great flurries of email (with pictures) when a discussion is hot. Many of us pay data fees and have data plans that would be more costly if the list we emailed to us. Still, a mailing list has the advantage of delivering new posts, downloaded as mail in the background, without the overhead of navigating from topic to topic in a cumbersome bulletin board format.

And I may as well say that mailing lists have the great advantage of providing members with a discussion archive on our individual computers, where we can devise our own custom ways of storing and accessing past discussions. If the site is down or goes away for whatever reason, we wouldn't lose access to foregoing discussions.

Mailman is a one open-soure mailing list software package.

I realize that this would be a major feature that I wouldn't presume to ask for if I stopped to consider the number of unpaid programmer-hours needed to hack a mailing list into a bulletin board. But since we're brainstorming ideas, this (the idea, not the programming) will be my first pitiful contribution. I'll admit it doesn't hold a candle to great ideas like the discussion categories already of the site. This is just a meta-aspect of the usefulness of internet discussion groups. Anyway, I find that getting discussions in my inbox is useful.

Cheers, everyone. Isn't it amazing how interesting, fast, and dependable this new site is already?!

With my best regards and encouragement.


Ned Bedinger
1991 SP36
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02-13-2013, 14:09 (This post was last modified: 02-13-2013 14:10 by Itchintogo.)
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RE: WL-gurus: awesome as mailing list?
Welcome Ned. Good to see you here and your suggestion is great. You can subscribe to a thread so you get an email notification from WaGu. In your user CP (which is located just to the right of where is says Welcome Back Ned at the top left corner of your screen) you can edit your profile and add your signature there which I believe you have already done.

The attachment should be a picture of what the box looks like. ─░mage
But this is the first time I have attached anything here and I am learning too! So I guess we will find out together.

We have unlimited email on WaGu so your inbox won't be full after just a few emails and your friends unable to reach you. I see this as a great advantage to keep ing your personal inbox free of clutter.

I am not sure if I would want all the thread discussion in my inbox to be honest as I think it would be a bit much to deal with.The alerts are enough for me. Just my 2 cents worth.

Ha ha! The box is so small you can't read it. I will have to figure that out!

Gary 82 PT 35 6V92 BC (Sold)
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02-13-2013, 16:02 (This post was last modified: 02-13-2013 16:04 by davidbrady.)
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RE: WL-gurus: awesome as mailing list?
Thanks Ned for the kind words. It amazing what MyBB is capable of providing, we've only scratched the surface of what's available to the extend forum. I'll look around for something to fit your needs. I've used mailing list features in the past and I do like it. I'll check to see if there's an Addon for that capability. You can help too. Google, "myBB addons plugins", if you find something cool let me know, I'll install it and we can try it out. It's great to see you on WaGu. Welcome!

In the meantime, I subscribed to a thread to see what kind of email notification is sent out. Thanks for the suggestion Gary, I never would have found it! Smile

david brady, '02 LXi, NC
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