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09-15-2014, 17:45 (This post was last modified: 09-15-2014 17:51 by travelite.)
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Hi Airduds,

Welcome to the forum. Here's a post pointing to other posts which describe features of WaGu and how to use them. You get a plus 2 rep for your first post. If you push a pin into our User Locations map you'll get another plus 2 rep.

That's a very, very pretty M450. I know nothing about that particular one. It looks pretty much original to me. It looks like it has 315 steer tires; some owners have upgraded to 365's. You'll want to check the date codes on the tires and on the batteries. I imagine this M450 also had all the recall work performed including moving the generator and disabling the Hadley, both of which weren't actually enforced by the recall but were done out of the goodness Smile of Blue Bird's heart! Smile You'll also want to check to see if all the load capacity placards are in place. I'm sure Ross (dentmac) will have much more insight into items you may want to check before you plop down your hard earned cash. BTW, can anyone tell if the floor is original? Good luck!

david brady,
'02 Wanderlodge LXi 'Smokey' (Sold),
'04 Prevost H3 Vantare 'SpongeBob'

"I don't like being wrong, but I really hate being right"
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