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Help - Will not start after some body work
08-23-2019, 17:41 (This post was last modified: 08-23-2019 19:09 by Urnie-Medie.)
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Help - Will not start after some body work
I need some advice.
I just had some body work done on my coach - 2001LXI
Part of the work was to install a driver's side camera.
I went to pick it up today and they said it ran for about 5 minutes and shut down and they were not able to get it started. They asked me to come and see if I could help. I went and checked the things that gave me problem in the past: A/T switch - etc.
I than started the generator and it started and ran for a few minutes and shut down. I believe that there must be a cut off on the fuel line - is that correct?
Below are some of the things I noticed that should help someone with more knowledge give me some guidance.
I first want to say that while running the cables for the driver's side camera they took the connector (picture helps to show) apart and said there was a lot of corrosion - but it did run for a few minutes before shutting down. This is the door below the driver's side window.
Here are some things I noticed:
1- transmission shifting lights were not lit.
2- Warning - do not shift light was lit
3- The alarm over the dining table was giving short bursts - I did shut off the LP Master - I installed a new refrigerator and this is not needed unless I install a gas grill. This seemed to silence the alarm

I have an important trip planned next week and would like to be able to use the coach.

Not sure if I can give my phone but will try 6305615745

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Urnie & Medie Krueger
Yorkville, IL

2001 LXi One Slide
1983 FC35 sold
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