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Full Version: 06 450 on ebay
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don't know body number, Ross
Hi, I'm a brand new member of the forum but I have wanted to own a Bluebird for a long time.

I am considering putting an offer in on the 2006 that's listed on EBay. I have spent the last couple days researching the front axle issues. From information that I have found it appears that the modifications that were done to get the weight below 16k on the front axle make the coach much less desirable.

I would really appreciate some input from the people on this forum. Is there members here that are owners of the affected coaches or someone that has followed the recalls and repair attempts?

Another question is service. Servicing the Cat engine should'nt be a problem but what about the chassis and electrical systems? I'm trained in HVAC and I'm pretty fair general handyman but there is going to be a issues that will require professional assistance. Is there service still available? I'm located in Las Vegas.

Thanks in advance for your input.
Hi Bigdipper40,

Welcome to the forum. I've never owned an M450, but others on this forum have. I'd recommend getting in touch with Ross McKillop, dentmac, or Dan Sunderland, 760-445-0005, San Marcos, CA.

The M450 had great potential. Unfortunately the crash of 2008 spelled the end of Wanderlodge and the potential was never fully realized.

When developing the M450 Wanderlodge felt compelled to include all the latest industry hi-tech goodies. They included an Intellitec multiplex house electrical system, Hadley dynamic air leveling, independent front suspension, and a 24V house and chassis system which required 24V inverters and equalizers. The slide systems are home built by Wanderlodge and include a complex set of DC to DC converters, motors, and air locks. This full suite of goodies was never included in any prior Wanderlodge. The result, in my opinion, is that they bit off too much and never built enough units to truly flush out all the issues. Owners need to be handy and have a good grasp of mechanical and electrical fundamentals to tackle this coach, especially given the lack of factory support. Ross and Dan can fill you in on all the details of the recalls and all the tricks required to keep these wondrous machines purring along. Good luck!
SOLD- not to me, however. Nice couple Great coach
Congrats to the new owners. Smile
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