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Full Version: 06 450 on ebay
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I think you are mistaken on the prices of a 2001 to 2004 Prevost with slides. A 2004 will set you back $325K to $400k based on condition. A decent 2001 will cost you $225K and up. Don't use EBay as a market place price guide. Go to Prevost-Stuff.com or Prevostcommunity.com to get the realistic pricing levels of a Prevost.

A 2001 LXi in top shape will bring $140K. A neglected 2001 LXi you might find for around $100k but you'll spend the difference zeroing it out and back to reliable condition. Don't confuse an LX with an LXi....

As regards Prevost vs Bluebird, it is hard for me to compare due to the model years of Bluebirds that I owned. The '04 M380 would be the closest model year but that would be like comparing apples to oranges as the M380 was a less expensive (half price) model as compared to an LXI. Also, it was only 38' long compared to my 45' Marathon. The two LXi(s) I owned were older than my Prevost. They had solid (stick) front axles as compared to IFS on the Prevost. So they drove differently but both drove/drives well. I would give the edge to the Prevost. I'm sure that the Wanderlodge chassis and framework is superior in strength to a Prevost as they are built like a tank. Be glad you're in a Wanderlodge if you ever have an accident.

I would guess the M450 will compare closest to a Prevost conversion but I've never driven or inspected one so I don't know if that's true or not.

I like my Prevost/Marathon better because there are several Prevost and Marathon service centers located across the country where I can get it serviced or repaired by knowledgeable Technicians.
Also recognize that the ebay Prevost is/was an entertainer's coach. It's not going to be set up for normal RV usage and has a boatload of miles (370k on that particular one), so it in no way compares to an rv Prevost. If you're looking to haul a band around (be it the family "band" or an actual music band), then it could be a good buy for a year until you hit it big and buy a new one. Smile So the $168k that one sold for is not in any way representative of the rv Prevost market. As Chuck has stated, start watching Prevost-stuff.com for a truer representation of the rv market.

The 450's are really neat rigs and should have been a very equal competitor to a Prevost. The last Birds (2009's) were even closer, but you probably won't ever see one for sale. They were spectacular. The last was a really, really fabulous rig. It's truly a shame they couldn't make it farther.
i like to use ebay as a value point, it's probably more of a wholesale value vesus a retail, but seeing as its open to the public to bid, I think it represents a fair market value. there have been others besides that entertainer coach that sold for 168, thats just the most recent and the only one still in ebay's completed listings. there was a bus called tritt, 2002 xlii that sold for 165 on busesforsale, granted it had 874000 miles on it but that wouldnt scare me away. I can swap a Detroit and save thousands. 391k is just getting broke in for that other bus.

i havent kept an eye on any particular prevost website, honestly it doesnt look like any of them sell "quickly" i think the prices are kept artificially high by some of these websites. why is it a newell or bluebird which cost nearly as much as a prevost is worth half or even less then the same year prevost?? it doesnt look like prevost is in the NADA book so maybe that helps keep values where they are, how does a bank figure a loan on one??

either way it doesnt matter, i cant afford, well let me rephrase that, i cant justify spending 200k+ on a motorhome just yet, not to mention my business partner and wife would probably strangle me. i just missed a 99 lxi that sold in florida for 80k. ill be on the lookout for another deal like that. i'm 46 with a young family and one on the way here in august so i have time before we are really ready to travel and enjoy it with the kids.
Isn't this Leroy's old coach (the undertaker from texas)? It was a show coach. I toured it when Leroy was at the RITV in 2007. Beautiful and worth every penny and more.

John is right. It would cost a bunch to outfit an entertainer Prevost to motorhome standards. Entertainers usually have two generators and little if anything in the way of inverters and batteries. There are no cabinets for clothing. Band members live out of suitcases. Tank sizes are miniscule. The list goes on.

There's no comparison between a well appointed Prevost motorhome conversion and a Prevost Entertainer.
coach came from Florida
David, you work with me to Dial her in , and I will buy her Smile

Chuck , I will need you also when we are out west come Jan Smile

I guess this might even get me on the 450 owners site, Smile

Al, call 'um up and make them an offer.
I bet the broker will take less than asking price. 2 years ago he had another 450 which he offered to me at 170k
Brenda was out of town and we couldn't act fast enough- it sold to Bryan Altier
Bus is finally plugged in. There is water running off the roof from front air conditioner. I stepped away and could see a different colored shroud. Maybe this is why they had to reseal the roof?
Off the roof? There are internal drains for that. They exit under the coach about 3 inches from edge.
Curious....body number?
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