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Safety, military style runflats,new front tires.
11-04-2019, 12:12 (This post was last modified: 11-04-2019 20:43 by dentmac.)
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Safety, military style runflats,new front tires.

The time came to renew my front tires. On the recent tip to Nova Scotia, I was getting a slight intermittent vibration in the wheel. I had it checked in Quebec and they felt it was the tire wear pattern. It wasn't a balance issue as I have Centramatics as balancers
Google ...Centramatics.

As I have Hutchinson Rodgard runflats, I returned to their Plant in Buffalo NY..
Click here:

(There is another owner that has had them installed successfully elsewhere,but there has also been 2 outside installations that failed and were removed.)

In the event of a front tire failure, these runflats should make control possible and will allow up to 50 miles of travel at a reduced speed.

I bought the new tires ( Michelin 365/70/22.5) through Valley Tires in Buffalo under the Advantage program. ($1795 including all taxes )They removed the wheels and Hutchinson picked them up. ( couple blocks away).
Hutchinson removed to old tires and mounted the new.

Valley Tire reinstalled the wheels, did a chassis lube could have done the alignment..

Everything went smoothly and the ride on the way home was perfect.

Since Hutchinson purchases many tires, Brian Sanom is putting together pricing that hopefully will match the Michelin Tire program.

He will then give pricing for complete packages. including pricing with new Alcoa rims.

If anyone is interested, one method could be to send Hutchinson your Alcoa rims (no tire) and have the wheel/tire assembly shipped back.

Attached are 3 pictures of the installation, and the contact information and copies of a brochure. In the photos, a little of the actual runflat is visible. Looking at the brochures, the one installed is a RRF

(similar to the CRF but with rimlock)

The manufacturing plant is impressive ,fully secured..and restricted.


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Ross MacKillop
Wiarton Ontario
2006 450 Lxi
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