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A very warm welcome to Darrell Snell
02-28-2013, 17:08
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RE: A very warm welcome to Darrell Snell - now Aquahot info
Glad the Auqahot burner service went well! Good deal! Yeah, the blower whine...... or wineBig Grin. It develops over time as a result of the blower motor clutch pack absorbing excess diesel fuel from using the burner with old or dirty fuel nozzles. That's why they recommend annual service irrespective of use. Me I do it every two years. My suggestion, use it until you cannot stand the noise any more, then you can rebuild the blower motor clutch pack. The parts you will need to do that as well as the step by step procedure is in that service manual I sent you on the other thread. I believe the wineWink cause I mentioned above is also in there or the installation manual under the troubleshooting sections!!!!!!!
Don't forget to set the basement thermostat to 50 this weekend when you're in the bus so Jen and Pirate Snell have heated floors! When you get back home you can lower it or turn it off so the system does not call for heat when you are not in the bus....... I ALWAYS forget!!!!!!!Rolleyes I have a dear old friend that use to say happy wife, happy life!!!!!!Big GrinTongue off to your other thread...... and yes David, if you are keeping count I'm breaking my own rules again!!!!!!!Big GrinTongue

Pete and Donna Chin
95 42' WLWB
On The Road Always! :-)
" We'll raise up our glasses against evil forces singing,
Whiskey for my men, and beer for my horses!"
-Toby Keith & Willie Nelson
- The bridge from Toby Keith's title album track "beer for my horses"
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