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Blue Bird Community TopLink - davidbrady - 07-07-2013 11:53


Mike Bulriss and I both very much appreciate the extended Blue Bird Wanderlodge Community. We'd like WaGu to present to it's membership the widest view possible of all Wanderlodge related activities and communities. Regional and Nationwide BB groups are an important part of this fabric. They fulfill a very special mission to their membership. They bring local flavor to the extended community, they hold rallies at special venues, and they build cohesiveness within community. It's these groups which really are the heart and soul of the Wanderlodge experience. Everything they do is grassroots and as such they define the ownership experience. Mike and I want to expand awareness of these groups and we'd like to bring recognition to them and their efforts. We created a new Toplink, [attachment=602], named Blue Bird Community where regional and nationwide groups can include links to their local web sites. We can do more and will do more as time moves on. This is just the beginning of expanding awareness of and lending support to all the special regional and national Blue Bird Communities.

I'd like to extend a special thanks to Birds of a Feather for allowing WaGu to display a link to their site and for helping in defining the Blue Bird Community TopLink. Thanks guys!

RE: Blue Bird Community TopLink - davidbrady - 03-07-2014 12:18


I added a contact information to our Lonestar Birds regional Blue Bird Wanderlodge club. You can find it under our Blue Bird Community Toplink. What took me so long! Smile

RE: Blue Bird Community TopLink - davidbrady - 03-09-2014 12:50


I added a more links including one to our National FMCA Blue Bird Chapter, Family of Friends. Have a look! There's a wealth of technical information, publications, rally dates, and camaraderie in these Blue Bird Community web sites! Have fun!

If anyone has any more they'd like me to add please post in this thread or Contact Us here!