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GM 4106 on Craigslist - davidbrady - 04-28-2013 11:41

This is my favorite of the classic GM's: Brevard, NC Craigslist (click here). It's in my backyard so please someone, give me an excuse to go look at it! Smile I'll see if he has any interior pics. The seller does a good job describing the Greyhound 4106 and it's initial mission in life. I think it's unusual to find one with an automatic transmission.

I don't know if you remember these folks: Technomadia? Some time ago they were on the other forum, the Commercial Wanderlodge Forum, you know the one where the guy hawks birds (Angel)? Technomadia was considering an older Wanderlodge. It looks like they chose a GM 4106. They've been converting it and it looks good!

RE: GM 4106 on Craigslist - DOSZORROS - 04-28-2013 14:30

I briefly owned a 4106 at one time. They used a "V" drive transmission from the engine to the differential. Mine was a tractor geared straight shift but some of them were converted to an automatic transmission using a commuter bus automatic transmission. This was a relatively inexpensive conversion but I believe these were a two speed auto (from failing memory) and were not very satisfactory for over the road use. A very few were converted with a multi speed allison but this was a significantly more expensive conversion.

RE: GM 4106 on Craigslist - davidbrady - 04-28-2013 16:30


Your a man of taste and refinement. Smile Now, I need you to tell me why I don't need this bus and why I shouldn't buy it and all the issues and problems that come with owning a GM 4106. I got my keys in my hand and I'm heading out the door to take a look... Save me from this bus! LOL Hahahaa Smile

RE: GM 4106 on Craigslist - DOSZORROS - 04-28-2013 22:07


You asked me some questions; I will try to answer them. The 4106 was a great bus and it is the bus that built Greyhound. When buses became large enough and roads became good enough, the 671 inline Detroit as used in the 4104 was no longer enough HP to power them.

GM designed the Scenicruiser which, I believe was a 40 ft. bus with 2 471 Detroits powering the bus through a gearbox to a single differential driveshaft. In these days (early 1950's), gearboses were not that reliable and this dual engine Scenicruiser was fraught with problems.

GM then designed the 4106 with the 8V71 engine in conjunction with Greyhound and originally, they were only built for Greyhound. Some other bus companies brought a class action lawsuit, or threatened to do so, and GM then started supplying the 4106 to other bus companies. I believe all or nearly all the Scenicruisers were eventually converted to the 8V71 engine.

The 4106 was the bus of choice for celebrity/motorhome conversions during our younger years (covet; covet; covet).

If you are into classics, the 4106 is a great classic and there are a few of them out there that are in great condition. Buy a celebrity/motorhome conversion that has not been a Greyhound. The Greyhound buses were well maintained but who needs a million mile used vehicle?

Also, buy one that has been professionally converted. Many of the homemade conversions had the interior installed first so that they could show their friends their new bus conversion. It is very difficult (think impossible) to properly install the systems after the interior is installed.

You have one of the best (maybe the best) coaches ever built. Spend a few hundred thousand dollars installing bunk beds and enjoy.

Remember advice is seldom worth more than it costs.


RE: GM 4106 on Craigslist - davidbrady - 04-28-2013 23:34

Really sound advice George, and thanks for the history lesson. I'd only buy one as a second bus - a GM 4106 could never take the place of my beloved LXi. But I now know that it'd have to be a professional conversion and a non-greyhound celebrity motorhome conversion. For many years, off and on, I've toyed with the idea of selling my LXi to go off and play in the land of Prevosts or MCI's, but I keep coming back to the LXi with newfound appreciation. I think you're right, our LXi's are just too darn good! Thanks for the voice of reason!