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Fuel additives - Yesmar - 09-02-2018 11:30

Do fuel additives work?

Will it actually improve fuel economy and eliminate water in the fuel?

Will automatic transmission fluid do the same thing?

RE: Fuel additives - Gregg - 09-03-2018 09:16

I think they work. I have used them since I bought the coach, mainly because it sits for long periods. I do try to keep tank pretty full also and treat every gallon. I used White Power Service for years, bought it in 1000 gal treatment for farm, but I think they changed it. At least I read the label and it didn't seem right anymore.
So I switched to Sta-bil last year.
Had to change the racor out after 2000 miles, but the coach had sat in Florida for five months I assume it was Florida and not the treatment change. Or I got some drity fuel.
I only fill up at Flying J.

I would be interested in knowing what others use.