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06 450 on ebay - Arcticdude - 07-12-2016 23:27

2006 450 on ebay


RE: 06 450 on ebay - cmillsap - 07-13-2016 00:18

Hi John,

I think that's an absolutely beautiful bus. They don't get much better in quality and good taste. It is also being sold at an incredibly low price. If I were a few years younger I would buy that bus and learn how to keep it in good repair myself.(sigh)

This is a very complex coach. Sadly, the price reflects the orphaned status of the bus since the factory closed and the loss of skilled technicians that know how to keep it in good repair, especially the complicated multiplex electrical system.

RE: 06 450 on ebay - ernie ekberg - 07-13-2016 14:02

I walked around this unit this am, early. Looks clean

RE: 06 450 on ebay - cvaughn - 07-13-2016 14:51

If anyone on the site is going to make an offer on this coach, get in touch with me.

RE: 06 450 on ebay - ernie ekberg - 07-13-2016 19:10

I went inside the coach. Guys were on roof doing a reseal. Salesperson said it came out of Ft Myers. It was not plugged in but had a commercial battery charger hooked up. Slides were closed

RE: 06 450 on ebay - hadalgo - 07-14-2016 10:58

i was thinking about it but im concerned about all the issues of it being overweight. for 190k you can get a prevost w a slide and no worries about having exploding tires and tie rod ends letting go at highway speeds.

RE: 06 450 on ebay - ernie ekberg - 07-14-2016 11:30

it does have 365 tires and side generator

RE: 06 450 on ebay - cmillsap - 07-14-2016 12:10

A Prevost with slides for $190K? Not many of those out there..

RE: 06 450 on ebay - hadalgo - 07-14-2016 12:56

when someone needs to sell, yeap!


there has been others also, im in no rush to buy, just looking for the right one. early prevost (2001-2003) with slides are selling fpr 160-200, people can ask what they want but in my opinion thats all they are worth.

id be happy with a 1999-2003 lxi.. id pay 80-95k

RE: 06 450 on ebay - hadalgo - 07-14-2016 17:59

well my post didn't get posted!

I have been following ebay for quiet some time now, generally an early prevost (2001-2004) with slides has been selling for 160-180k. Most people are asking in the mid 200's+ but that doesnt mean they are selling them, once again this is "sold" coaches that either are sold with a best offer or no reserve auction.

Just like most people are asking 130k for a 1999-2001 LXi with a slide, but several have sold for 80-95k just recently.

Honestly I dont know what I want, Ive never owned an RV before, I just know I dont want a 2k a month payment for 10 years. I do know I don't want a fiberglass RV that will turn into toothpicks if it rolls over, so my choices are limited to Blue birds, Prevosts and Newells for the most part. I also want atleast one slide if not more.

Chuck, you've owned both a prevost and LXi, how would you compare them? any major differences in driving them? basically they both have the same drive train, I'm assuming performance is close?