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Simple tire covers - dentmac - 03-05-2016 15:08

Just received these. Great. Simple install, dry quickly and small storage. The come with a bag.

Video on the site

RE: Simple tire covers - Itchintogo - 03-07-2016 14:50

Pretty slick alright. Great video! Just one thought..... don't forget they are installed ands drive away with them on! Smile

RE: Simple tire covers - dentmac - 03-28-2016 12:10

These tire covers are terrific. Easy to pull off in the rain and most water shakes off before folding into the bags.

Check that they UNDERSTAND the size you want.
I received 365/80 x 22.5 which are a larger diameter than the required 365/70 x 22.5.
(They have since changed this number on the website but have them listed at more cost as the 80 series were larger) 365/80 tires are not available

The site also is incorrect as it indicates 315/70 x22.5 as an available size. Those would also be the wrong diameter as the common tire size of the 315 is a 80 series tire.

For the 450 The front 365/70 x 22.5 and the rear 315/80 x 22.5 are the same diameter.

The company has responded as is sending two properly sized new covers. (and should correct their future sizing issues). Terrific. The delay was due to being very busy with a large show.