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So Long SlowDaddy! - davidbrady - 06-12-2015 19:41


I'm going to schedule a two day shutdown of the forum so I can freeze its state and move it to a new server. I bought a subscription to a new CPanel based Linux server offered by GoDaddy. I've already moved http://www.prevostgurus.com, temporarily named http://www.new.prevostgurus.com and I asked Ernie to test if for me. Looks like the new GoDaddy server solves the Verizon Hotspot connectivity issue WaGu has been plagued with.

Lucky for us it seems we're in a seasonal slow down as far as forum posts. Most folks are traveling and spending less time online. If anyone has a preference for a two day outage please let me know; otherwise, I'll pick a time that fits my schedule.


RE: Temporary Forum Shutdown - Moving to a new Server - travelite - 06-13-2015 13:15


I'm going to temporarily close the forum this afternoon so I can complete the move this weekend. Thanks!

RE: Temporary Forum Shutdown - Moving to a new Server - travelite - 06-15-2015 20:00


I'm going to open up the original site for a couple days while I debug the new site. I copied all the files to our new GoDaddy CPanel Linux Server and I created all the mySQL databases, transferred the files, and built the databases. I'm now debugging a couple of issues. I thought I'd give everyone access to the original site while I'm debugging the new site. So I restored this original site. Sorry, but Verizon Hotspot users will need to wait for me to bring the new site online. Thanks!

RE: Temporary Forum Shutdown - Moving to a new Server - davidbrady - 06-15-2015 21:01

I'm discovering that the new goDaddy CPanel Linux servers run mySQL version 5.4 which isn't supported by our 1.6.9 version of myBB. I need to upgrade our MyBB to the latest in the 1.6 branch which is 1.6.15. This version supports MySQL version 5.4. I think this the best path to take. Stay tuned.

RE: Temporary Forum Shutdown - Moving to a new Server - patticake - 06-17-2015 20:14

David, it is very fast now, even with my Verizon air card, thanks.

RE: Temporary Forum Shutdown - Moving to a new Server - travelite - 06-17-2015 21:56

Thanks Steve, but we're not quite done. The best approach is to do a fresh install on the new server which would be the latest 1.6 version of MyBB, version 1.6.17. From there I can suck our database in and add back the features such as the Document Library and Wanderlodge Trader that we've become so accustomed to. It'll take a bit to get the site back to original, but I think this is the best approach. I'll start shortly.

RE: No More GoDaddy! - travelite - 06-19-2015 14:41


In order to get our thumbnails back I had to reload a backed up MySQL database. We have our thumbnails but we lost the "No More Godaddy! Bring it on Ernie" thread. There are no other differences. We're still running on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosted by HostUS, and I still need to bring over our full complement of forum features including WanderlodgeTrader and the Document Library. Thanks for your patience. It's a bit of a sacrifice but we'll be better off in the long term! David

RE: No More GoDaddy! - davidbrady - 06-19-2015 14:57

[attachment=1740]Testing thumbnails:

Argh! Our existing thumbnails work beautifully, but newly posted attachments don't generate thumbnails! More work, but I enjoy it! Smile

Another test: [attachment=1739]

Okay, that worked! We now have our thumbnails back! Had to install PHP-GD.

RE: No More GoDaddy! - ernie ekberg - 06-19-2015 18:32

GoDaddy has left the building. welcome back a faster forum. good work, David
Let the postings begin

RE: No More GoDaddy! - patticake - 06-19-2015 21:07

I like the new motorhome used in the test, the color scheme is a little bland, but I bet it doesn't have any trouble getting through traffic lights and traffic. That is a 450, isn't it?
I wonder how many people caught that.