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Very very Noice! - Itchintogo - 09-06-2014 15:38

I often find many high end coaches are over "glitzed" and somewhat pretentious for my liking.

But this one is very very nice and has a big BBQ and over sized pantry. The clean lines and various textures are exquisite.

If I was looking to spend 800K this would be the one.

Nicest Prevost I have ever seen. Even the slides are correct for floor use and cleaning. Tongue

RE: Very very Noice! - ernie ekberg - 09-06-2014 18:02

I agree. Very nice. I have a walk in rear closet. I wonder what is behind the fabric on this one?

RE: Very very Noice! - DOSZORROS - 09-06-2014 20:44

It's only money folks, not like it's anything of value! Which one of you sporting gents are going to step up to the plate and buy this fine coach?

RE: Very very Noice! - davidbrady - 09-06-2014 21:06

Not I. It's too damn expensive, besides, I prefer function over form. That's why I chose a Vantare. Plus, it's got that over-choked post EPA 2007 S60: EGR, Vpod, Variable Speed Turbo, Poor fuel mileage, DDEC V. This is also the vintage of Prevost that used the cheap leaky charge air cooler. Most have been swapped out with Dura-Lite's, but not all. The smog choked S60 delivers around 45psi of boost. If you can, try to pick up a 2002 or before S60. My Vantare has a 2002 engine and a 2003 Prevost chassis, sold in 2004 by the converter. I could live with the interior though. Smile But, I find late model Marathon's to be Mae West-esque (sofas, countertops, tables, etc. Personal taste).


RE: Very very Noice! - GregOConnor - 09-06-2014 21:39

EPA and smog. I wonder what will happen in California to the RV owners who register and depreciate their rigs under a business name. in 15 months everything here is 2010 or newer. I have an RV business but do not register or write off the Bus or operating expenses. primarily for the smog exempt personal use reason.

RE: Very very Noice! - Itchintogo - 09-06-2014 21:48

ha ha ha David! There are ways to remedy these minor issues. A good diesel shop and all will be WELL! I agree the price is stupid....because they know what they have or think they have.

Something that very few other coaches have! Clean lines...great textures... and regulated opulence. Always there is a work around. To me this would be worth it.

BTW this is no remark upon Squarepants as I have seen and liked your coach! And Mae West... does she reside at the top of Squarepants staircase? Hee hee! Smile Keepin it traditional? Ropelights?

RE: Very very Noice! - davidbrady - 09-06-2014 22:08

Hey Gary,

Actually I don't think the price is that excessive; it's just too rich for me. It looks like they're asking $785K, which is a good starting price. I figure there's about $100K of room in that price, but I don't think they're going to deal that readily. The market for H3's is hot right now. Dealers often have a decent investment in their coaches bringing them up to sell-able condition, and they know they need a cushion for the inevitable fixes a prospective buyer insists upon. In short, trying to get these guys down is hard. If this were for sale by a private party I think it could be bought minus the room I quote above. (Noooo, Mr. SquarePants has nothing to do with this. I love to see everything that's out there. Keep it coming). I didn't intend to come off as if I were comparing, but now that I am... hehehehe, Vantare is known for their electrics, and as an electrical engineer I'm demanding in this area. Of what I've seen I prefer Vantare's electrics approach. It's a very well engineered system and it comes with complete schematics; hence, my function over form comment. And, to me, the systems far outweigh the form; although, Mae West would be a very well-rounded form to add to any of our coaches! LOL! Smile

In truth, all the major converters have pretty much sorted things out by now. The differences tend to be subtle. Some are setup to be marginally better as drivers, some marginally better for dry-camping, and some marginally better for prolonged stays or shore hookup to shore hookup scenarios. The differences are mostly variations in power management, air conditioning (over-the-road, cruesair, and rooftops), tanks sizes, battery bank sizes, and documentation and schematics. They all work but some are slightly more suited for particular purposes than others. Vantare, for instance, is a favorite with the NASCAR and Star Coach crowd where 120VAC hookups aren't always available. It's electrical system can be very much tailor tuned and configured by the user. Liberty seems to always ship their coaches with Prevost over-the-road air conditioning. Marathon tends to use roof-tops. Marathon and Liberty have a pre-configured set of electrical components that the inverters can power, similar to our Wanderlodges; whereas, Vantare allows the user to choose what's powered by the inverters without restriction. Etc, etc... Smile

RE: Very very Noice! - Itchintogo - 10-07-2014 01:49

Deal pending .... I knew it wouldn't last! Just too damn sexy. Like Mae West! Big Grin