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RE: 2001 Prevost on Ebay - GregOConnor - 08-24-2014 16:41

good observation about the ash tray. but in a PC on firefox hold down the Ctrl key and hit + key several times to zoom in and the ash tray is full of keys. The photography is key, notice that the point of view of the photographer is from 4 feet high. and the lighting glows clean and soft. Sure is a good coach but I am in the market for a bus with slides. I like the Prevost but want a Wanderlodge.

RE: 2001 Prevost on Ebay - davidbrady - 08-26-2014 12:22

(08-24-2014 16:04)cmillsap Wrote:  Sometimes a non slide coach can provide almost as much salon floor space as a coach with a front slide depending on the interior layout and furnishings. For example, if you compared the salon floor space in this Royale to a slide equipped bus with double sofas, they are fairly comparable. Obviously, a slide will add floor width between the kitchen cabinets and the table.


I completely agree. I'm certain this Royale has equivalent floor space to my single slide LXi with the slide extended. This bus is 45' long compared to 42' 9" and this bus has a very open floor plan; of course, the slide adds the space right where you need it!

Now at $125,100 with 5 days to go.

RE: 2001 Prevost on Ebay - davidbrady - 08-28-2014 13:18

Wow, looks like this Royale may sell. Surprisingly, it's now at $167,700.00 with three days to go.

RE: 2001 Prevost on Ebay - davidbrady - 08-31-2014 11:23

Some interesting bidding at the end. It hit $181K back on the 29th. Then on the 30th the two top bidders retracted their bids and the price dropped back to $125K. It was then removed from ebay! Turns out this was the second time the coach was listed on eBay. We'll see it again no doubt!

RE: 2001 Prevost on Ebay - GregOConnor - 08-31-2014 13:29

goes to show about the integrity of the owner and seller. leaves doubt as to the quality of the bus. I had the seller pull two 5 tons back after an auction sale recently. But in the end of an auction, the buyer is proven to be the only one in the room that would pay 'that much for that'. for me it is a bit of a sick feeling. I have a couple of trucks for sale http://www.gijeep.com