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RE: Wanderlodge Trader - al perna - 07-17-2015 23:40


Help me here , please show me which was the, GOOD Deal Smile

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 07-18-2015 00:05

None. When I initially saw the site I scanned it quickly, on second viewing - none stand out! Sad

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - al perna - 07-18-2015 10:43

so David here we have one of the issues with value . A guy we know buys a 1999 Marathon in VG condition, 130k miles 2012 tiers 2013 battery's for 135,000.00 .

another guy I know pays 275k for a 2004 Featherlight DS in Excellent condition, 1 owner coach . He now has it listed for 325k , he is a broker .

so here I am thinking I should be able to buy a 2000 Prevost in the 125k range NS . Imagine buying a BB when you here stories of purchase prices out there . I also think another issue with value is how a sales comes about . That is who really want to sell vs who must sell . There is a 2001 I have my eyes on double slide 25k miles asking price was 225k now down to 160k . Here I am thinking I can buy it for 120k but I will need to wait till the owner must sell . In the meantime the coach just sits and we all know what happens when they sit , the value drops . well there's my rant for the day Smile

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 07-18-2015 11:25

Hey Al,

It's a good rant. Asking prices appear to be all over the map, and probably justifiably so. No one can tell what a coach is worth until it's seen in person. You need to see it, touch it, listen to it, smell it! Engage all your senses. Walk into a coach with water leak issues and you'll be greated with an aroma of mildew. Crawl under and see how badly it's marking its territory. Site down the side to take in those beautiful stainless steel panels only to see that some are falling off! I truly believe one can buy any year prevost at any arbitrary price. The full spectrum of use, condition, and records are out there. Finding a perfect bus at a perfect price; now that's a challenge. The stars were lined up for me becaues that's exactly what I did. It can happen, but it may take lots and lots of time. Better yet is to not get old while your searching. Instead take Erika and buy the first one she falls in love with - regardless of price! Smile

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - cmillsap - 07-18-2015 13:15

I've been watching Prevost marketplace pricing also. It appears to me that model years 2002 through 2005 are fairly stable and very little discounting is being done. This may be partly because these year models are equipped with the pre EGR engines and the '04 & '05s have desirable upgrades over the previous models such as heavier duty front axles. There is a big increase in price when equipped with slides. Coaches with two slides demand a big premium over a non slide bus of the same vintage. Most used Prevosts are sold by the converter or a broker/dealer specializing in Prevosts. Consequently, they keep the prices in a close range. Occasionally, one will be sold at a lower price by a private individual.

Also, who did the conversion has an impact on the price. Liberty and Marathon conversions are usually priced the highest with Vantare and Millennium a close second. Prevost conversions of other defunct or out of business companies tend to be priced somewhat lower depending on the converter. Models that were converted by existing but not converting Prevosts anymore such as Royale (Monaco) and Parliament are usually listed higher than models converted by long gone converters like American, Legendary, Angola and etc.

If you look at the list of Prevosts for sale on http://www.rvonline.com/ and quick search 'Prevost' you will find that most models in the '02 to '05 category are sold fairly quickly. So these models are relatively scarce on the market, especially ones that are reasonably priced. Prevost model years 2001 and older linger a bit longer on the market and their pricing is all over the map depending upon the condition, mileage and converter.

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - ernie ekberg - 07-19-2015 17:53

If anyone is looking for a 450, there is one here in Weatherford. 06 model, $195,000
I have been thru it. Generator has been moved. Clean coach

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 09-05-2015 20:11


If you're selling an FC or a bus priced less than $60K, or a bus of any value. Wanderlodge Trader offers free FMCA advertising. If your sales price doesn't justify a $3000 commission, list it here. All that's required is that you become a member of WaGu. It's that easy. I'll even throw in some bonus rep points. Smile