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RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 11-01-2013 19:08


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(10-31-2013 12:18)Gregg Wrote:  David,
You make this sound like this could be a real step forward for the bird community. Thanks for giving it an opportunity!

If the goal is to maintain and increase the value of our brand, it would seem reasonable to have a "system" where new owners are not disappointed finding out what they should have known before buying. It should also help current owners better understand the value of their coach, and, hopefully, what will increase it.

Where do we go from here? I looked at the list on NADA but honestly was overwhelmed.

Hi Gregg,

Part of the problem I'm having is keeping all the sellers happy. I want everyone to want to advertise on wanderlodgetrader.com. If we create a grading scheme that is unobtainable or discourages the fixer-upper than I think we all lose. How 'bout if we have a grading scheme of say zero to one hundered. What if we isolate the ten major subsystems in a coach and list out the top ten items for each subsystem. I can create a Classified Ad Tag for each. As each item is ticked off the seller gets a point. Since there are a hundred possible points, or maybe more, everyone is virtually guaranteed a good score and surely no one will obtain a perfect score. This way buyers will be informed of what to look for and sellers have a chance of ranking well, even if their coach needs work. It'd be sorta like the Olympics where typical participants' score range is 99.0 to 99.99! What do you say folks?

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 11-03-2013 16:23

Folks and Ad posters, please be sure to periodically check in on WanderlodgeTrader. Lots of thoughtful folks are leaving lots of thoughtful comments and questions to be answered.

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 11-12-2013 14:33


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RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 12-30-2013 21:43


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RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 01-25-2014 00:09


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RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 03-13-2014 18:19

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RE: Wanderlodge Trader - ernie ekberg - 03-13-2014 19:59

I have been all over this coach as I know the previous owners. Nice, nice

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 07-05-2014 23:54

If you haven't checked out Wanderlodge Trader in a while, have a look. We have quite a few new postings of quality birds for sale! Smile

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 08-16-2014 23:28


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RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 07-13-2015 19:30


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