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RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 10-22-2013 18:35

Thanks John,

But, please no Sirs! I'm too young and way too informal for that! Smile Thanks for the compliment though. Wanderlodge Trader is still in it's infancy but it's got a lot going for it. It's built on WordPress so all of the features that you mentioned, and more, we get for free. It runs on the same $6.99/month goDaddy web hosting platform that hosts our Wanderlodge Gurus site. The WordPress software was free; well I should say it's included in the $6.99 per month, no extra charge. The only thing I have invested in Wanderlodge Trader, besides time, is a $10.00 fee for a year subscription to the wanderlodgetrader.com domain name! This stuff doesn't have to be expensive! Smile

There's a lot of features incorporated in Wanderlodge Trader. Login and dig around a bit. Tell me what you like and what you don't, what works and what doesn't.

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - ernie ekberg - 10-22-2013 20:27

Since launching my coach remodeling, thanks in part to David, I would be willing to help anyone in the remodeling aspect. I'm not into any materials from the box stores. After close to 42 years in the business, cheap went the way of my pop-up.

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 10-23-2013 11:47

Thanks Ernie. It was over 4 years ago when you installed my engineered hardwood Sapele floor. I remember the job well and the time - if you recall it was when my little girl was born! The floor is holding up beautifully - looks as good today as the day it was installed, and my little girl rules the roost!

There's little doubt that key to the sale of Wanderlodges is qualified folks to maintain them, upgrade them, and remodel them. Having these folks advertise on WanderlodgeTrader.com makes sense (free of charge of course). Get your ad ready!

All these things build value in our coaches. Having our own Classifieds in Wanderlodge Trader builds value in our coaches. We can now fully support someone's sale via vendors, remodelers, repair shops, our Classifieds (wanderlodgetrader.com), and our members' expertise and guidance through our discussion forum, wanderlodgegurus.com. The benefit isn't a quick commission; instead, it's long term upward pressure on the value and sustainability of our Wanderlodges; i.e., we want to promote and sell these coaches to their highest value, in all respects, not just sell them.

Eventually we'll have to arrange some way to foot the financial burden, but we have time to worry about that. At $6.99/mo and an occasional domain name subscription, the burden is light. Remember, I will be advertising WT in FMCA and elsewhere (ideas)?

On WaGu's first birthday I'll add a Donate Button to the index page. A hundred dollars or so per year of donations is all we need. I can keep a running tally displaying to everyone the amount in the kitty. Extra can be applied to advertising, or to software upgrades and features, or to crowdsourcing parts, or to a rally fund. Eventually Wanderlodge Gurus and Wanderlodge Trader will be funded thru member donations.

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 10-23-2013 19:06

We're adding some beautiful coaches to our Wanderlodge Trader classifieds. Keep 'em coming folks. Today I took out an ad in FMCA to promote the Blue Bird Community's newest Wanderlodge Motorhome online Classified Ad Site: Wanderlodge Trader. Buy direct from the owner; advertise for free!

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - ernie ekberg - 10-23-2013 20:22

good job, David

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - csprenger - 10-23-2013 21:25

(10-23-2013 20:22)ernie ekberg Wrote:  good job, David

X 2.

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 10-25-2013 12:27


We continue to ad Ads - have a look: Wanderlodge Trader! We're beginning to rank in the search engine results, and FMCA advertising will begin in the December issue.

Wanderlodge Trader - The Free Classifieds Community Service of the Wanderlodge Gurus Support Forum. No Listing Fees, Brokerage Fees, or Commissions. All High-End Motorcoaches are Welcome: Wanderlodge, Prevost, Newell. Wide visibility to the entire Wanderlodge Community. Buying Directly From an Owner is Always the Best. Eliminate the middleman.

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - Gregg - 10-29-2013 13:01

(10-22-2013 12:30)davidbrady Wrote:  Thanks Pete, great suggestions.

I could use some volunteer help in putting together an 'Articles' section. Just off the cuff I can see articles on the following topics being useful:

1) How to Sell Your Coach (Stuff that Pete mentions above)
2) How to be a Buyer (What to do and what not to do when personally viewing someone's pride and joy)
3) PDI (What to look for when buying a coach, Pre-Delivery Inspection)
4) Cost of Ownership (Can I afford to maintain and run one of these beauties)
5) Transaction Mechanics (Escrow accounts, expectations, transferring money and title)
6) My First Drive (What to expect on the way home)

Please add to this list. Any takers on writing some of this stuff? I'll sign up for number (4).

I can add buttons to the top of the Classifieds directing folks to Articles and to Escrow and other useful Services.

Hey David & All,
Finally catching up on my reading and had an idea for Wanderlodge Trader. What if you had a ‘button’, tag or designation of “WaGu Certified”? This would be a signed statement by the owner (seller) that certain conditions or representations have been agreed to, such as:

All systems on the coach are in working condition or have been identified in the ad as to their condition.

The seller agrees that if a system is not working at the time of sale, it will be fixed at the seller’s expense. Buyer or buyer’s representative is responsible for inspection at time of sale.

The seller certifies no commissions or fees are being paid for comments concerning the coach.

The age, manufactured date and install date, and mileage for each tire.

The age and type of each battery.

Generator hours, engine hours, mileage. Last date of service.

I am sure there should be other items on this list and the concept needs work.

My point here is, all coaches are not maintained equally, but when reviewing ads and prices, coaches get grouped together and higher valued (maintained and priced) coaches should be distinguished from lower valued coaches.

I have heard many times that a new owner should expect to pay $10k in the first year of ownership. I try to maintain my coach in good working condition, fixing all problems I am aware of, so unless these coaches cost $10k every year, which they don’t, there should be a designation for the well maintained coach.

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - davidbrady - 10-29-2013 19:17

Hi Gregg,

Great idea! Thanks!

I'm in total agreement that there's no standardization in reporting a Wanderlodge's condition. It's a topic that goes on at length when someone posts a coach in the Classified Forum. Folks struggle to get information on the coach and often don't know what to ask. They don't know what they don't know. Smile

Maybe we can help by coming up with a list of items that should be reported and that need to be disclosed if a Certification is to be obtained. We can also have grades of Certifications where non-disclosure on some items may qualify one for a lesser grade.

None of this can be binding and WaGu can't accept any responsibility of accuracy or truthfulness but we can work that out in some legalese.

Here's a list from NADA on what's involved in a the automobile industry to get a CPO (Certified Pre-owned) inspection checklist: http://www.nadaguides.com/Cars/Car-Tips-and-Articles/About-cpo-inspections

It'd be fun and interesting to come up with our own list of items and to categorize the degree of compliance into a set of WaGu Certifications: Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.

This concept can easily be incorporated into Wanderlodge Trader.

RE: Wanderlodge Trader - Gregg - 10-31-2013 12:18

You make this sound like this could be a real step forward for the bird community. Thanks for giving it an opportunity!

If the goal is to maintain and increase the value of our brand, it would seem reasonable to have a "system" where new owners are not disappointed finding out what they should have known before buying. It should also help current owners better understand the value of their coach, and, hopefully, what will increase it.

Where do we go from here? I looked at the list on NADA but honestly was overwhelmed.