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Full Version: Rally in Abbotsford BC, Sept.29 2013. 11am Brunch Get Together
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WOWSmile who would know that BC had so many BB's

I was surprised that the west coast was the choice to flock too

With that in mind Bill and I are heading south to meet and greet with family,new grand kids , a new fur baby for us. AND an impromptu get together In Abbotsford BC for brunch....

from BILL (aka tulipvendor50):

All you Wanderlodge owners from the lower mainland of British Columbia. WOW, there are a lot of coaches down your way.

I would like to propose a get together in Abbotsford, it is sort of the central point from Agassiz to Vancouver.

There is a restaurant called "The Pantry" at 1399 Sumas Way. There is plenty of room to park the coaches, I hope you will be able to bring them.

I was hoping to make it a "brunch". Sept 29th at 11 am? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Please forward a message to tulipvendor50@yahoo.ca or call me at 778 631 2345 if you can make it, so Vadie can make a reservation.

Thanks, hope to hear from you .

There is 5 coaches and about 12 people who are coming so far, love to meet more BB'rs
let us knowSmile
we have 5 buses coming in to abbotsford and about 12-15 BB'rs for brunch
anyone else is welcome to show up.
Excellent showing Bill and Vadie! Have fun!
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