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Full Version: 4 bunk bed Newell
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Here's a four bunk Newell with a clever drop down bunk bed arrangement. Ebay item number 251325143004
Those drop down systems are supposed to be very stout. Statements like "if you can get in it, it will hold you" have been said about them.
Nothing wrong with that! At all.

Looks like a great coach, especially for a family, if your main concern is being to be able to get on the road and enjoy it with YOUR family.

My only concern would be for the young ones rolling off.

Perhaps installing some fold up guard rails so they couldn't slip off might work?

Bet it could be done.

Nice coach. And good starting price too!
Not for me Ms. Bee. I just get a kick out of posting some of the more interesting motorhomes and buses I run across. I'm a dyed in the wool single slide LXi owner.
David, there was a Newell for sale at Holland Motor coach 3 or 4 years ago that also had a drop down 4 bunk setup. Brad told me that it had been set up that way for a local horse farm, and was used for their groom's and handlers to travel in. I remember it for two reasons, one being that it was a 38' single pusher with an 8V92.
With this one being in Holland as well it makes me wonder if it belonged to the same owners?
Hi Jim,

That's right - I remember that one too. A long time ago I posted a Flxible Flxliner that was converted by Custom Coach, Columbus Ohio that had twin couches where the back rest pivoted up and fastened to the roof using cables making bunk beds. That was sort of a variation on this Newell. Marathon does a bunk bed floor plan Prevost conversion and I've learned that one of their generic floor plans can easily be converted to bunks - for folks that don't want them Marathon installs a large closet; for folks that do, Marathon removes the closet and install bunks. There's possibilities there for a family of five! Smile

Here's some fascinating sofa/bunk bed converters, and a few more.

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