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Full Version: Sault St. Marie Mini Rally
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I'm sitting here working out of the bus on at the City RV park and a blue BMC from Tennessee pulls in! Dad gum, another bird....rare sighting at that!Big Grin Turns out to be Lee Davis and his wife! Parks one site away!Big Grin We start "jawing" and he tells me John Mc Ginnis is showing up here today or tomorrow so I guess we have an impromptu not planned Mini-Rally!Big Grin Nice to see some birds around and people we've met in the past!Smile Long live the birds. I guess we'll tell some lies, share the tourist options and have a grand time!!!!!!!
Wow Pete, what serendipity!

As WaGu's traveling Ambassador, please extend to our Blue Bird Brothers (and Sisters) a hearty hello and best wishes on behalf of all of us here on the Guru's site!
Any traveling west on US-2, stop in the Iron River, MI, city RV park. We'll be here a month.

1987 PT40 'Sleipnir'
currently Iron River, MI
What started out as a pair of friends ( the Davis's and the Mcginnis's) deciding to meet up for a couple of days turned into the first mini-rally at the "Sault" when they coincidentally happened to pick the same park we were staying at!Big Grin Since we were both using RV park reviews, no wonder we wound up at the same place.Smile It was a rally complete with meals, happy hours, and the sharing of touring / tourist options. A "bird in need" turned it into an "official" rally when "the 3 guys" had to "man up" and fix a bird!Wink
1) The three birds
2) The three birds as a big ship was heading past the park traveling south right after it went through the locks

PS Sorry for the delayed update, the internet service on the 'UP" is terrible at best!
PSS No "lucky bear" is just sleeping in pic 2. He loves being outside! :-)
That's the best Pete. Nothing like pulling into a campground and stumbling upon another Wanderlodge. Nine years ago when I bought my coach from Steve Mitchell at Parliament Coach, we were on our way home and decided to spend some time in Charleston SC. We woke up the next morning to a knock on the door. Who was it but our very own Scott Bishop! He invited us to our first rally, the inaugural Myrtle Beech Rally. Cheers to you Scott!

Thanks for the pics Pete and thanks for sharing your rally!
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