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Full Version: buttons and bows
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gee, as darlene and i were driving south on highway 2 outside of calgary a few days ago we spotted a really pretty mid 90s bb. with buttons and bows on it. driving north toward calgary.

gee, anyone know who that was.....pete?

did ya see us?


That's Peter Haggins out of Canada, I'm pretty sure. He's done some really nice updating inside that bird. He's very capable with wood.
hi, yea i know. i was being funny. peter was at our rally in south dakota and i got to see his beautiful rig. it is very easy to spot on the highway.

hi pete

Didn't see ya sorry. We left North Bay Ontario evening of the 13th, got home here on vancouver Island very late on the 19th. Stopped at lac Des Arcs to visit friends, saw some of the flood damage, then home through BC to the island.
great rally by the way. If ever out this way give me a call.
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