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Full Version: Genny Power up surge
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With technology advancing and everyone continuing to install more modern equipment I wanted to call to the memberships attention the issue of generator voltage surge. David actually brought this up a few years ago..... when the Genny comes online and kicks on, there is a momentary voltage surge. Therefore, if you have expensive equipment, you should either have it unplugged or on a surge protector, or turned off while you are transitioning from inverter power,grid, genny, etc.
Why do I bring this up, well, I remembered what David said a few years ago and had my bus setup so everything was off and protected..... EXCEPT when I pulled the uline and installed a thermoelectric wine chiller in its place. It has no off switch and I used the uline outlet. NOW, I know better and last month when I re-insulated the area, I was going to plug it into the instahot outlet as it is switched but in my haste to reinstall in 110 degree heat I forgot!!!!!Angry Yep yesterday when we came off the grid and I brought up the genny for travel, the surge took out the ac rectifier bridge on the PC board in the wine chiller.. NOW HOT WINE IS A REAL SHOW STOPPER!!!!!!Wink PRIORITIES No big deal, 48 bucks for a new PC board shipped to our next destination and moved the wine to the man cave and refer until I bring the chiller online again! Who needs food anyway, let'em drink wine!!!!!!!!!!Big Grin FWIW even with the rectifier bridge all burned up the chiller functioned as normal but those of us who never past the smoke test know all too well, that ugly smell of overcooking an electrical component! :-)

So, observations to the membership so you do not make the same mistakes I did when upgrading your equipment!Idea
Where did you get the PC board?
(07-09-2013 18:34)Arcticdude Wrote: [ -> ]Where did you get the PC board?
From the manufacturer online.....free shipping!Wink


FWIW I purchased 2 wine chillers over the past 2 years, one for the bus, one for the house from appliance direct, the vendor I listed in the vendors section or interiors section. When the rectifier burned up, I logged on to their site and "online chatted" with a service rep who gave me the above URL after I gave him the model number....pretty good service from them, I must say!Smile
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