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Full Version: What is it?
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Saw this in Chilresss, Tx on my way home from Montana. No markings that I could find, anywhere.

The grille and headlights are late'60s/ early '70s International Harvester(truck,not combine), while the instrument panel is '53/'54 Oldsmobile.
Sure is nicely polished, and as far forward as the rear wheels are, it would be badly balanced for driving.
Good eyes Steve. I guess we know by now that it is a Spartan and it does have International Harvester parts on it. To me it looks like they (Spartan) started with a trailer and bolted a steering wheel and a drivetrain to it. I love the tail end and I love the aluminum! Smile
It's not so much as the eyes as the memory banks are still working, after the cobwebs and smoke clear outRolleyes
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