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Full Version: Chuck & Tela's New Ride
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Check out our new ride![attachment=412]
Wooo!! That's sweet! Tell us more about it!!
(05-03-2013 21:39)Arcticdude Wrote: [ -> ]Wooo!! That's sweet! Tell us more about it!!

It's a 2000 LXi single slide with 66K well cared for miles.. Unique interior, here's a pic.

Fantastic Chuck, they don't build 'em like that any more. I'm very happy for you and Tela. Can't wait to see and hear more about it! She's a beaut! Smile
That's a good looking interior! Good simple colors that make it feel comfortable.
Congrats Chuck,
Love the color...... BLUE is my all time bird favorite, also like the interior layout, love 2 couches and the j-lounge.......plenty of room.... enjoy the heck out of it! Wood cabinetry is just timeless! Now come the shakedown and the questions!Tongue Well, maybe not so many questions as this is your second LXI...keep us apprised of new things you do and add!Wink
Very nice coach Chuck! I am sure you and Tela will be very happy with this bus.

And we all know who has enough seating and a lovely J lounge for entertaining!!!

Keep up with the pics and let us know how you are making out with it.

Good on ya!
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