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Full Version: Generator box insulation
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Since I'm getting in an insulating mood, what have you used to reinsulate the hush box? I've still got the original flooring, so the sound deadening layers are still intact. The egg foam stuff is starting to get a little weak, so I might as well get my ducks in a row to fix it.
Hi John,

You mention the original sound deadening layers. I have some experience with that because of the hardwood installed in my coach. My coach, like most birds, originally had carpet in the salon - I now have hardwood front to back. When the carpet was removed I also tossed the 50+ lb rubber mat that was placed over the generator area and under the carpet. Well, that mat turns out to be a lead sandwich (rubber/lead/rubber) and it does a good job of damping vibrations. (I kinda miss that mat). So, if in the future you decide to pull out the carpet and install a different floor material you'll probably also remove the rubber mat. (It has to go in order to have a flat floor up front for the new flooring material). Long winded story to say that whatever you use for genny insulation, I'd vote for something that is multi-layer with a mass in the center to dampen vibration. This way you're free to do whatever you wish to with the interior flooring. I don't have a manufacturer in mind, but I'm partial to multi-layer convoluted foams. These are those egg-crate materials. Let's see if we can find one that insulates, absorbs, and dampens. My opinion is that the genny needs to be quiet for those inside the coach as well as for your neighbors outside the coach.
I have insulated so many generator boxes, I can't remember them all. I used, in the past the thick, mylar faced insulation. While this is great material for heat deflection, it seems to increas the db levels outside the coach. I believe if a fella can get the heavy material in convoluted foam, that would be the best of both worlds.
Do you use sound deadening or heat insulation material on these generator boxe's.
Both! Do you have any products in mind?

These are interesting: http://www.acousticalsolutions.com/alphacomposite-foams
This stuff in the melamine form is Class-A fire retardant (the polyurethane materials aren't Class-A).
It offers damping and sound absorption.
I like some of these too: http://www.soundcoat.com/barriers.htm But, I'd like to get them on the phone to see what they recommend.
Great links! I'm thinking I'll get my engine bay done first and then start on the genny. Especially since I should probably replace the rear bearing.
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