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Full Version: CAT C7 Engine
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I have a friend who has a distribution firm and lots of trucks. Her husband passed recently and one of the 5 tons recently has a problem with #3 cylinder with no compression. Computer shows a mechanical failure likely on the bottom end. Scored liner or broken ring/piston issues are considered. The newer DT466 ( this one is 2009) is not bullet proof like it used to be. This is the second time for this engine. Unit has 10,000 hours or 403000 miles on it. All highway and has had engine work done 186000 miles ago. This truck is meticulously maintained.

I am looking at a used Frieghtliner with a C 7 CAT engine in it however I am unfamiliar with the C7. Does anyone have any solid information on these engines? After 30 years of IHC we are going to shy away from them and have heard even Penske won't purchase anymore of them due to on going issues. How is the C7 for durability and fuel mileage?

Also curious about the Cummins engines in the 5 tons if anyone knows about them.

I am not familiar with the Cat C7 engine so have nothing to offer. I have not heard of any particular problems with the medium duty Cummins engines. I assume you are talking about engines in the 250-300 hp class. Cummins uses a lot of these in boat service and they are good engines.

An aquaintance that owned a K8 International logging truck told me 50 some years ago that "Internationals are good trucks but there is nothing in the world as worn out as a worn out International". I have always avoided them because of this advice.

I know nothing about Caterpillar engine's. I'd recommend doing some reading over on the dieselenginetrader site:
From the forums I have read there seems to be some injector issues caused by the HEUI pump putting out metal into the fuel lines.

Trouble is with IHC no longer much good and the CAT problem that leaves only Cummins and Hino. Hino is good but not a driver favorite.
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