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Full Version: Does size matter
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The picture below is supposedly the largest truck in the world. It is located in the city commons in Sparwood, British Columbia.

As I remember, it is a Euclid brand that was designed and built in England. I believe it was the only one built. It was shipped on 7 railroad cars to an open pit mine in the southwest United States and used there for several years. It was disassembled and shipped on railway cars to the coal mines at Sparwood and Crows Nest.

It has an approximately 3000 HP locomotive engine and generator in it and electric drive to the wheels. It was too large to be efficient and if it broke down the parts had to be made in the company machine shops. When it broke down, it resulted in too much loss of production and more and smaller pit trucks proved to be more efficient.

It was retired by the coal mining company and put on display in the city of Sparwood. Don't ask me to testify in court to the above "facts" as this is from memory.
I have driven by that truck many many times. it is BIG.
You know what I could read that card you posted and say the proper colour no matter the font colour no problem. Does that mean I win something? Bonus points or a free pizza? CASH even?

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Oh I see or perhaps I did not! Big Grin

Should be a warning on that card.... do not operate under the influence of scotch.
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