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Full Version: Travel photos
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It looks like a slow morning. Below are some pictures from South East Utah in the Bluff and Mexican Hat area. This red rock sandstone country is facinating to us.

The last picture is our former coach loaded up and headed for Mexico.
Cool shots! Thanks for sharing! Maybe someday I can travel to some of those spots and see these in person. Damn this work thing!
george .

Like you I once pulled a triple Smile

ever been asked " hows that little bar, gona stop that car, and trailer ? "

I was ???

15 k miles, never a issue I told him . never did it again .

You raise a valid point in your posting. My Wanderlodge weighs about 50,000 lbs. The tow vehicle and trailer weigh just over 5000 lbs. The tow hitch, ball and tow bar are rated for 5000 lbs. with (I believe) a 4:1 safety factor.

In a hard stop braking situation, the tow bar will accept the load factor. If you run into a brick wall or the back of a tanker truck with the motorhome at 50 mph, what is behind you is going to be the least of your worries.

There are a couple other things that enter into the mix. Most western states allow RV doubles except the left coast. Arizona and Idaho have a 65 ft. limit for RV doubles. I don't know about the other western states. The lashup in the picture is 84 ft. long so it hardly qualifies.

Also, in Arizona, RV doubles have to use a fifth wheel plate on the center unit. I had a discussion with an Arizona State Trooper regarding this aspect of it. You cannot tow two balls.

The third aspect is that my wife gets a little nervous and jerky about me towing this arrangement. Therefore, I have largely abandoned this particular mode of transportation even though it is convenient.
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