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Full Version: Generator Slide
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Our generator slide struggles to get started moving out/in. When first activating the out or in switch position it sounds like a solenoid struggling (rattling) before taking hold. Once the slide is in motion there is no more struggling or rattling. Thoughts?

I am not at all sure on this but I think the slide ram has a slip clutch involved to prevent damage when it hits the end of it's travel. When it hits the stop, you can hear a chatter.

It may be doing this when it first starts. You might check the slide and ram and see if it is stiff or needs lube.
Hey Curt,

Maybe the solenoid getting weak or a bad electrical connection/ground?
It was suggested to watch the slide and release the in/out switch right at the time the slide reaches either direction, no clattering. Watching the sliding so the out/in switch is released before ratcheting the motor/clutch, the tray moves in either direction without the noise. Stop switches would be nice but some fabrication is needed. I'm not out of BB stuff to do so will not take on the stop switch project at this time.
I haven't had that same problem Curt but what I would try is get a can of spray cleaner (WD-40 is my favorite oily cleaner and my only use for the stuff) and clean the death out of the trunions on the generator slide mechanism.

After reading your last post, I agree with George and Eric. Those rollers and ram need some lubing. Hopefully the rollers just need lubing and not replacing. Mine chatters too if I hold the switch too long.
MY gen slide is not working. I have no power to the out/in switch. Anyone know how the circuit to that switch is wired? Does it power a solenoid or the screw motor directly? Is there a fuse in the circuit before the in/out switch, if so, where is it located? My fuse list shows one fuse associated with the Generator Actuator labeled SK-33 which is good but I'm not sure it is the fuse for the gen slide in/out circuit. I am not aware of any schematics for that circuit. I have power to the gen start/stop switch next to the out/in switch and the gen operates properly.
test the switch legs for continuity to ground. if not continuous (no beep from your meter) assume it is a 12 volt + source. then add 12 volt to the center of your'in/out switch' , then move the switch, or add 12v+ to either side to see if it signals the relay. If it opens you have isolated the problem to the signal side of the relay. if it is a loss of power to the signal side of the relay, it is probably a broken wire or bad connection some place. there may be other source of 12 volt that is live when the genset is on or off that could work until you find the issue?? "a blown fuse is never the problem, it is one of the results"
Hopefully this is not your problem:

Mine would struggle to slide out several years ago. It was discovered that the sliding exhaust pipes were bent, just enough to prevent a smooth transition. The company that made the pipes no longer produces them.

The good folk at CoachCraft removed the bent pipes, sent them to the OEM manufacturer and they made a new set. CoachCraft ordered several sets and I understand they still have some in stock.
I'm having an issue with my generator slide out. When I activate the switch nothing happens with the actuator. Does anyone have a wiring schematic for this unit. It's a power technology unit on my 1998 41xli. Also if the actuator is bad does anyone exactly know how to get the unit open to remove and replace the unit?
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