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Full Version: Wanderlodge Wanderings
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I hope this is not going too far afield but it might be interesting for members to post pictures of some of their wanderings illustrating what a Wanderlodge can be used for instead of just how to work on them.

The pictures below are:
1. Windsock at the Whitehorse, Yukon Territory airport
2. Sign post forest at Watson Lake (started in WWII)
3. Matsu Glacier N.E. of Anchorage
4. Sod roof cabin north of Fairbanks
Number 3 is mis-labeled. That is Worthington Glacier, NE of Valdez.
What a wonderful idea Dennis, thanks for sharing. In light of recent postings about a WAGU spaghetti gatherin , I thought these would be appropriate, they are all on the parkway within the gatherin event.Big GrinTongueWink

PS That is not the Biltmore in pic 5 but another tour-able mansion on the parkway.... Yep some wonderful gifts from God.
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