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Full Version: Ernie' Campground
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Easy access off I-20 in Weatherford, Tx. We have 50 amps, pet friendly and would love to have you stop by. Ernie
We have overnighted at Ernie's Campground also Brenda's she's the Boss
Had a Wanderful time and the Box Wine flowed freely. Ernie is fantastic very knowledgeable and can solve ALL your flooring needs.
Thanks Ed. You and JoAnns place is another great place- and you have a pit!!
Hey Ernie,

I know you're scheduled far in advance, but wondered if you had any time this April? We're thinking about new flooring.
Hi Morey- would love to work for you, but currently booked solid til end of June.
Well, Ernie--not urgent, will try to schedule later in year.
Ernie, I can't wait to come down some day to sit in the shade of those Pecan trees! Smile
we have plenty of room here. Hope to hear from you later, Morey.
In march, Ralph is going to add new Penguins to ToWanda, Ken and Patty Marsh's 89 WLWB, here at our place. Always something going on.

trees for David
(02-18-2013 10:42)ernie ekberg Wrote: [ -> ]trees for David

BB-eautiful Ernie! Smile
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