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Full Version: 2001 LXi over heating
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I am hoping I can get some advice. On my last trip my 2001 LXi had some heating issues. I had to shut down the coach several times - red light came on. The temperature gauge was just over 210. After stopping for about 10-15 minutes the temperature was low enough so I could continue I found that the fan controller was not working so I check with my "guy" and he said to plug the two lines going to the controller and the fan will run at full speed. This did not help a lot. I had to continue the trip so I ran at a lower speed - still had over heating problems.

I did replace the controller when I got back. I found one on eBay.

I am told that I really need to have the radiator removed - cleaned and checked out. It looks to me like the removal of the radiator is quite a job. Does anyone have any suggestions? The mechanic said that if I do not do it right I will be nervous - always watching the temperature gauge, he is right. Also the overheating could cause much more expensive repairs.

The coach has about 160,000 miles.
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