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Full Version: Looking at buying a 66'
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Sorry for the completely newbie post...

I've found a 1966 Wanderlodge that is in remarkably good condition for its age. I really want to buy it, but I have a ton of concerns about parts availability.

To give this some perspective, I have restored a handful of classic fords, but I always do things like Mustangs or Broncos because parts are plentiful. You could build a new one from scratch.

I have a workshop on my property that is 40X60, and have every metal fabrication tool that I would want including a CNC plasma table, Finger Press Brake, fixture table etc... I have a decent woodshop, and access to a professional cabinet shop if I need. I can do most everything...but there are some things normal people can't make like curved glass, and tail lights etc.

So, here's the concern. The windshield is cracked...Can I get a replacement? If a tail light breaks, are there reproductions or used parts? Are there parts available to get the 391 running well? I've never worked with a FT series motor.

What are the gotchas to look for? What are the things I wouldn't expect could kill my project?

I help many people on Bronco forums and Mustang forums, hopefully someone here will have pity on me and help me too.

Thanks in advance!
Everything will be used on something else. That's going to be the task, finding out what other vehicle a specific part is used on. In the documents section here, there is a catalog of the basic Bluebird parts, many of which probably fit that 66. That should cover a bunch of stuff.
As far as the windshield is concerned, get the window code off the existing panel and call a few of the bigger glass companies. That will give you a quick indication of how tough it will be to get a panel.
The FT motors were used for years in Ford trucks. Parts are still rather plentiful and they're usually an easy motor to work on. They're not known for speed, nor economy though.
There are still windshields available for my 1981 and I think they are the same. You can also go to a two piece with some frame mods. Some of the busses came that way.
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