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Full Version: 2001 thomas Hydaulic Fan control
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I have a 2001 thomas/matthews book mobile conversion.
My Hydraulic fan control sauer-danfoss 1090246 has quit and is leaking.

She's up in anchorage at a Thomas dealer and he cant get the part, we have spend days looking.

I saw this forum and decided to give it a shot! Our bus got 'stuck' up there during covid/canada rules so we are flying up next week for a summer of fun if we can get it fixed! The storage facility noticied the leak and I had a mobile mechanic from the Thomas dealer go over a couple weeks ago.

I saw postings from Articdude! Maybe he can help!

Cant wait to check out your forum! PS I live in VT.
Can you bypass it to get home? On the air clutch fans there is a provision to thread a couple bolts into the hub and bypass the clutch and hopefully you have the same backup feature. Then you can cap off the hydraulic line and have your bus at least until you can track down the part, or find an alternative. Its noisy on the highway and robs some power but in a pusher you likely would not notice.
If a Thomas dealer cannot find a Thomas part you may have to get creative. But I had a similar problem with a Ditch Witch hydraulic motor and they could not help me so I ended up taking it to an independent hydraulic repair shop and they had no trouble getting it working again.
Try contacting Sundstrand, as they routinely come up when dealing with anything Sauer-Danfoss.


Also, take a look at an older thread from here:


You may get lucky on an updated part number through one of these folks, though I think one listed is Sundstrand.
your 2013 post is how i found you on the internet! But that was 8 years ago, a lifetime for a bus!!

There is an updated part number the dealer got but also not available.

I found an anchorage mechanic who knows about this item he is gonna go look tomorrow
I am hoping I can get some advice. On my last trip my 2001 LXi had some heating issues. I had to shut down the coach several times - red light came on. The temperature gauge was just over 210. After stopping for about 10-15 minutes the temperature was low enough so I could continue I found that the fan controller was not working so I check with my "guy" and he said to plug the two lines going to the controller and the fan will run at full speed. This did not help a lot. I had to continue the trip so I ran at a lower speed - still had over heating problems.

I did replace the controller when I got back. I found one on eBay.

I am told that I really need to have the radiator removed - cleaned and checked out. It looks to me like the removal of the radiator is quite a job. Does anyone have any suggestions? The mechanic said that if I do not do it right I will be nervous - always watching the temperature gauge, he is right. Also the overheating could cause much more expensive repairs.

The coach has about 160,000 miles.


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