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Full Version: Air Bags for 2001 LXi
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Hopefully someone can help. I need to replace some of the air bags on my 2001 LXi. Could someone please give me some suggestions:
1- should I go ahead and replace all - I believe there are 10
2- how difficult is it to replace the air bags
3-the one that has a hole in it is on the tag axel - I have been told that is
probably the easiest to replace.
4- Where can I find the part numbers of the air bags
5- Where is the best place to purchase them


1) I’d replace all 10, as they’re probably original.
2) It’s not tough- at least it wasn’t on my 96, but it is a dirty job
3) I had a similar occurrence- hole in a tag, so I replaced both tags. I waited years to replace the steer and drive. While they were not leaking when replaced, I probably should have replaced them earlier. She rode better with new springs.
4) Here’s my part numbers- Steer bags #W013589457, Drive bags #W013589039, Tag bags #W013589073 - they may or may not be the same as yours, but iirc, they are
5) I can’t remember right now where I got them, Midwest Spring maybe? I just searched the part numbers online and ordered.

Replace your shocks while you’re there. Here’s mine: Koni 90-2497SP1 (old #90-1068) ((set at full firm )), Drive 9005-1025, Tag 8805-1010. I got mine from shockwarehouse.com.

Also, all of this information is listed in the documents section here on the forum. Since our illustrious leader had an LXi, and is a VERY hands on owner, you'll find a treasure trove of info in the documents section. I'll admit that sometimes you have to search to find it, but I'll bet the LXi may be the most documented Bird on this forum.

Your bags should be a W01-358-9290, W01-358-9457 and a W01-358-9459. The tag is the only variable with the steerable tags taking different bags. Those are also listed in the documents section. I found these there under "Models", then "LXi" and then "Suspension".
Hi John

This confirms 2/3 of the information I have - I just want to get the tag axle bag confirmed.

Front Steer - both show 9457
Drive - both show 9459
Tag - yours show 9290 mine show 9595

I am sure the difference is one is fixed and the other is not. Mine is fixed.

Do you have a way of confirming this?

Thanks and Keep Safe

Take a look at the documents section where I pointed to before. The first listing under the suspension heading is for a technical drawing of the 9595 bag. You should easily be able to determine if you've got that from that drawing.
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