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Greetings Group
NEW PROBLEM,,, well, no
The high idle run away may be about to be solved so here goes,
We found that the air dashpot / solinoid that pushes the rack in to the 1000 RPM high idle had a problem. We disassembled it and found a severe score in the inner cylinder that the inside neoprene O ring was sticking on. The unregulated (or so it seems, please correct me if I am wrong) air pressure now pushes the inner plunger consistently past the score and allowed the piston to drive the rack wild. This condition has evidently been adjusted out on my motor from since before I bought the Bus. When the piston suddenly cleared the score in the cylinder the run away idle happened. When we honed, cleaned and lubricated the cylinder, the piston started working smoothly and well with 30 to 100 PSI of air. We then found that the inner spring that cushions the push plunger in the rack housing MAY BE WEAK. This spring has no specifications for replacement so we are looking for a replacement air solinoid / cylinder. When we screw the solinoid up tight enough to push the rack to the right RPM, it is not repeatable as though the spring is weak. This has been an expensive and stinking diagnostic that this new shop has VERY diligently worked on. BTM Coaches in Cocoa Florida, Service Manager Pat and Mechanic Charlie have fantastic and very observant to this and many other issues on my rig. I totally recommend BTM to all of you at 1445 Cox Road in Cocoa, Florida. Does anyone know where to purchase a new solinoid or have the compression specification for the inner spring. The outer piston return spring is fine.
Thank you,
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