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Full Version: Check the block heater in your Series 60
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I've had the block heater fail on my Series 60. It's had coolant come up through the electrical connection and corrode the heater housing from the inside.

It's screwed into the oil cooler.

If you have to remove the oil cooler to get the block heater out, David has a very good
thread about that procedure. It's posted here: http://www.wanderlodgegurus.com/showthre...ock+heater

There's a very distinct marking from the coolant seepage on the outside of the oil cooler, but since the cooler is mounted under and behind the turbo, you can't really see it well. I've found that going up between the hydraulic cooler and the frame, I can get a decent view and acceptable access to things.

This is all to add another check point to everybody's list. Slide under your coaches and get a look at the oil cooler. If you're not comfortable doing that, figure out a way to get a view of the oil cooler (as if you were looking through the radiator/CAC assembly). You'll spot coolant seepage before the issue gets to be a real problem.

I'll try to remember to get a picture of the area this weekend.
Here's a couple of pictures:

This is the block heater, or at least what's left of it

Here's a little larger view. While I've been spraying penetrating oil on things in hopes I will not have to remove the oil cooler to get this heater out, you can still see color changes in the cooler paint from the seeping coolant.
My 03 LX (Cummins) cooked off melted like that. It happened in 2019 the first time I hit the switch. Smoke all out the back and I thought I had a fire. I found the wires melted off. Removed the wires from the braker and that's where it sits. I l live in SW FL so it's not high on my to do list. Just wanted to pass this along after seeing this.
As a followup to my heater issue. I was able to remove the old block heater. It took an impact wrench to get it started. Then it came out easily. I had the new one ready to go back in and did not drain the coolant prior to removing the old one. I lost less than a quart in the swap over.
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