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Hello All,
My 1985 pt40 is still raising can withe the suspension dump. Nowww,,, it has the suspension up, no air on the dump switch, no air in the dump tubings in the front coweling, and a leak in a rear air bag. Does anyone have the plumbing diagram for the 1985 PT40 air systems? I have many other schematics but that one I don't have.
Many thanks
I have been out on the bus all morning and have new data. If I unplug the first 2 of 3 quick connects in the front cowel, the bags and tag come up and stay up (so far) I will let it sit on shop air with the feed plugged in to the QC that I installed on a TEE next to the schrader in the rear right engine compartment. I may have a leaking suspension pneumatic toggle switch. I took a photo and will look it up. If anyone has a part number this would be super. The very helpful post telling me that the tag has to be down first to operate the suspension switch is correct and I can't believe after this many years, I never noticed this.....

The steering lock works. The air step works, the vents work. The suspension toggle hisses and won't stop.
I ordered new suspension and tag dump switches. I am going out to check if the bags are still up and tag is up with the two QC's pulled. If the bags will stay up reliably, I can get the rig to the ship to explore the high idle run away. I also have a new Bendix LP-3 90psi switch coming to replace the leaking one on the suspension warning light. The 60psi the mechanic put in is too low and could hurt the tires if the pressure went down with no warning.
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