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Full Version: 1967 FC Gasser on BaT
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That is super nice. It's just what I need, but the boss said no.
Yikes! $42,500! I guess I need to double mine!
Heck, just the included documentation is worth that! Especially the brochure for the Newell coach! LOL. The description says it has a 6 speed Allison. Not likely, right? What did this bus come with?
Some are saying they did have a 6 spd. I would not have thought a 6 spd was even being made in 1967.
Gas engine, hydraulic brakes, old mismatched tires, don't think I'd be heading cross country in it, certainly not on any kind of timeframe. It is quite the time capsule. The minimalist interior has aged very well. I'd go for a modern rendition of that interior - the utility and toughness is just what my family needs. Good luck to the happy new owner.
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