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Full Version: Kool-o-matic access
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Good Morning,

This new to me coach has the dropped ceiling which is covering the Kool-o-matic grill. Put the camera up there and looked into the 1" clearance between the ceiling and drop ceiling and the the grill is visible.

The fan does not turn on, which I will investigate, but I am wondering if anyone else has this set up? Firstly, how does one shut the damper, if there is one and secondly might there be a switch somewhere that controls the damper. At this time I can not feel a draft so unless BB mounted a Kool-o-matic just for looks something must be acting as a closed damper.

Additionally I can no find no mention of the Kool-o-matic in any fuse charts or wiring diagrams. Maybe it is just up there for looks...

i was messing with the koolmatic this weekend as the fan would not work. i was looking at the wiring schematic and saw that the koolmatic was referenced on the wall thermostat for the electric heat. The thermostat had to be set to heat and the thermostat had to be activated. on 12v the koolmatic would work and on 110 the koolmatic and electric heat would work. was wondering if anyone had every figured out a way to wire the koolmatic to work independently?

ive got a 99 40LX if that makes a difference. sorry for late comment to last years post
By independent do you mean you would like the heat and cool to be able to be “on” at the same time and to have separate set temp points?

If I set my factory T’stat to “Cool” and the fan setting to “Auto”then the T’stat temp setting controls the fan. If set to “On” then the fan runs until turned off. Is this how yours works?

Just trying to understand the problem.
the koolmatic only will work when the thermostat is set to heat and auto so if i have 110 power then the electric heat and fan both work. i had a local rv shop do interior work including wallpaper and i expect they wired the thermostat incorrectly. i've tried different wiring options on the thermostat but cannt get the koolmatic to work on the cool setting only the hot.

thanks for reply
If it'll help here is a pic of my Robershaw T'stat wiring.

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