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Full Version: Generator slide dead 02 Lx
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My slide stopped working last year. I did one 3 night trip with it and parked it after Covid. I have a Bird House. This last week I have been trying to figure it out. I opened the box in the front compartment were the control box is with the slide switch. I get no DC+ on the one side of the switch. I do have a good path to ground. I even put 12 volts to the wires and nothing happens. no click or anything. I spent a lot of time pouring over the blue prints trying to understand the circuit. I looked at all the fuses, relays and circuit breakers in the compartment right above it. I don't see anything about the drawer. I see relays on the front of the compartment. I can't tell of any of them are for it. I need help finding the right sheet with the info on it or someone who knows it well. Thanks
I figured it out. I remembered I had a tone generator and an inductive amp. I disconnected the 12VDC feed to the switch and connected my tone generator. It didn't act like there was a complete circuit there. I traced the tone up to a connector in the wiring compartment under the toll window. The tone dropped out past this connector. It was the connector at the vey bottom of the compartment. I found it cocked , not fully together. I had a heck of a time getting it out. That connector was under the spray foam so it's been there from day one. I got it out and took it apart. Heavy corrosion , water must have gotten in there I also found a wire rubbed bare in the loom. I don't think that was the cause of the problem, but it could have started a new one later on. I had some cleaning spray, wish I had some dialectic grease. I'll work on that later. I had been on the WOG for a week asking for help and nothing. That is why I decided to try over here.
Good on you for staying with it and finding the problem! The cannon plugs cause all sorts of issues in some birds. Some people routinely pull them apart, clean with an electronic spray cleaner andput them back together. Thanks for updating us, too!
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