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Full Version: After purging air from lines. Noticed a diesel leek from
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After purging the air from fuel line. The generator started and ran great. Frosty air conditioning. After running for a few minutes I returned to shut it down and noticed a new fuel leek below the injectors.
I am asking about this because I didn’t touch this area, and their is quite a bit of diesel. I cleaned the area and tried tightening the nuts on the manifold. Nothing was loose. It appears the fuel is Leaking directly from the front right corner nut. Thank you for any feedback.
Welcome. As an aside, it would be nice to know the year and model of coach, or alternatively which gen set engine (Perkins, Kubota, etc). Be that as it may, if you snugged down all the fuel line nuts and it’s still leaking, here’s my guess. The following relates to the Perkins Diesel engine. The fuel lines going through those nuts are flared at the ends. After years of rattling around those flared ends can develop small cracks, nearly invisible. My Perkins in my 83 PT40 did that. A good diesel parts house should have small beveled washers that you can insert under the flared tubing end and then tighten up. They look like tiny funnels without the spout. I have no idea what they are called. Generally considered a temporary fix, mine never leaked again. That’s where I’d start looking on the leaky one. Good luck.
Great point about the details. I have a 2000 bluebird. It was a red cross blood drive bus. Two power tech gennys. So it is a kubota motor. I investigated more after I posted and your tip seems very
Likely. My friend called it weeping under bolt after sending him a pm. Hoping new O rings can help. I am very new to diesel work and very happy to have found this awesome forum. Thank you
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