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Full Version: It's going up!
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Took almost a year to get the slab (6 inch 5500 lbs with rebar, not a crack yet in 4 months) and the 'carport' up.

It is almost done. sorry for the sideways pic. They are straight on my PC?

Looks like a good bird house!
Sorry I have been absent so long. The bird house has been occupied about a year now. I wish I had picked a 14 foot wide door (12 now). It's tight but I have had it in and out a dozen times since finished. Just got to have help and go slow. We are getting ready for our first cross country trip next month for the summer. Excited and ready to roll soon.
Makes a big difference when you can go out and work on a project without looking at the weather first, and having to turn your driveway into an all weather shop.
I'll tell you what. Sure does. I live in Fort Myers so its HOT. I put in a big industrial vent fan at the peak when I built it. The breeze under the coach is noticeable. Shop is insulated, but starting about now, I usually work in the evening. I am replacing my battery cables for the engine and putting in two new AGM 31 battries. Pulling all the ground straps and cleaning the metal all up. I need to carefully pull the wires off the solenoid on the starter and clean them up tomorrow. Like you said, beats working in it in the dirt outside. I did that when I first had the coach in 2019.
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