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Full Version: 2003 M380 generator
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I need to replace a rear seal on my generator engine. My in and out actuator switch is working fine but does not push generator out far enough. Does anyone know how to release the stops in order to get full access to the generator engine?
I doubt if the Powertech will extend far enough to access the back, I had to pull my genny just to replace the alternator..we used a wooden cradle and a pallet jack..
Good Luck
Just a update on the PowerTech generator. A very difficult job but in can be accomplished. For safety unhook the generator battery and use jack stands to support coach. The unit has to be removed from the coach, with the aid of a shop crane. Both fuel lines have to be crimped and removed, also positive (this has power from coach batteries so wrap end good) and negative lines on rear have to be removed, hose brackets on lower passenger side have to be removed wiring into front generator control box has to be moved along with 6 prong plug in wire. Removed top on unit and hook crane to engine supports. Remove whole unit. Unit is Kabota made V1505. Replaced with genuine Kabota parts, front crankcase seal 16282-04212, crankshaft collar 04814-10280 and new v-belt HH160-32093. Reassembled and reverse take out procedure. Total cost approx $68.00 and about 20 man hours. WOW.
WOW is right. Good job. Thanks for the follow up.
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