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Full Version: M380 Defroster
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M380 2003 Defroster not working due to internal heater box door not opening. Does anyone know how this vent door works? The controls and the blower fan works, just wont send air to the defroster holes in top of dash. Also heater actuator seems to be working.
Call Eric Johnson, as he has a similar model and has probably reworked every system on it.
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Defroster repair information: remove 4 screws holding passenger side dash cover on. Carefully wiggle cover out and lay to side. Reach past vent hoses till you find the defroster door actuator on right side of heater box. Difficult to reach. You will feel 3 nuts holding actuator in place, then you can feel 2 more nuts holding bracket in place. Remove these back 2 nuts, unplug wiring harness and work bracket and actuator out. Once out, the bolt through the actuator had worked lose and let the arm going to the vent have play. Spread arm to remove play, snug fit, placed through bolt through center of actuator and tightened. Place bracket with actuator back in place, plug in wiring harness, wiggle dash cover in place. replace 4 screws in dash cover. Done and defroster working perfectly.
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