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Full Version: Corn on the cob.. no mess
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Old news for some ...

Husking and boiling corn is messy and a pain.

Microwave 4 minutes per cob 8 min for 2 , 12 min for 3 etc (4 max)

Throw in full cob, husk and all. (perhaps cut off tassel but don't expose cob)

Once done.. feel where the kernels start, and with large knife, cut through there , cutting about one row off.
With a cloth, squeeze the narrow end, pushing out the cob. A fork can help pull it out.

Cob is clean, no "Hairs"
Good idea, never thought of doing it that way. Thanks.
Speaking of food conveniences. This hardboiled egg cooker is favorite with my family. Simple, fast, easy, and it makes the perfect easy to peel hardboiled egg. We never leave home w/o it:

Amazone: Kalorik Egg Cooker
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