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Tuesday, February 26, 2019, will be the six year anniversary of Wanderlodge Gurus! I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all our members and to the help provided by all our moderators and admins! Thank you too for all your donations ($$$) over the years. Every bit that you've given over the years, whether advice, guidance, posts, management, funds or other have been greatly appreciated. Together we make this site great! Thank you!
That's hard to believe it will be six years already! Thanks for the behind the scenes maintenance that it takes to keep the place running smoothly!
John, you going to the Marble Falls rally in April?
Hey David and All,
Congratulations on your sixth Birthday!! Many of us know how difficult it is to have a successful web presence and we appreciate your efforts in supporting our Bluebird communities. Please keep up the great work. We are only caretakers of these great machines and with your help we will pass them on to the next generation.

Yes, we're hoping to make it. I've got reservations, at least!Big Grin
Curious....Marble Falls rally ? Who, where when please.
12-14 April- Sunset Point resort Marble Falls
we will be there
Here's the phone number (830)798-8199. If they have space, we'd be glad to have you. The Bluebonnet festival up in Burnett (about 20 miles north up a good road) is a nice quaint town festival. The surrounding area can be awash with bluebonnets if the season is good. Quite the scenery. Of course, imho, the Texas hill country is always fun to travel around in. Lots of neat vistas and views, as well as cool little towns to explore. Maybe I should move to Texas!
If you move to Texas, then I won't have any competition for long distance award.
On second thought, please doBig Grin
Thanks but we should be a little farther north by then.
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